Mindfulness Based and Tantric Approaches meet Psychoanalysis


Suitable for:


People who want to know if there is more to sex than they are already experiencing, and who want to experience truly 'great sex' on a regular basis

People who experiencerelational and sexual difficulties such as shyness, sexual inexperience, fear of intimacy or lack of sex or intimacy in their relationship

People who experience 'sexual difficulties' such as lack of arousal, premature ejaculation or erectile dysfunction or sexually addictive behaviours

People who are in a sexless relationship/marriage and want to know what they can do to help change that situation

People who have experienced relational trauma, including sexual trauma, who would like to return to healthy, integrated sexual experience

People who are happy with their sex and relationship life but have always wondered whether there might be even more to sex, to increase and prolong those peaks of sexual energy, and to learn to direct sexual energy more consciously and at will

People who have experience with mindfulness and meditation and who would like to include working with their sexual energy within that context

People who want to make use of the ritual of 'tantric massage' as a way of relaxing and reconnecting with their spiritual and sexual energy

People who are interested in systematic surrogacy interventions with a depth psychological approach

People who have worked with sexological bodywork and are looking to go more into psychological depth

People who have experience with psychotherapy and/or mindfulness based and tantric approaches but who have not yet found what they are looking for, and are looking combine the above in an integrated way

Professionals in psychotherapy, tantra programs and mindfulness teaching programs who have an interest in working with sexuality in a more integrative way